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Cyber Security Course for Managers and Board

Managers/directors and the board of the company are responsible for Cyber Security within the company, not the IT department. This might sound strange if you think of it the first time, but it is the business who set the risk appetite of the company. Cyber security is just another business risk that you need to deal with. This course will help you understand your responsibility and to manage it. Every company and organisation have different needs, so this course will be tailored for you.

This course usually covers:

  • Why is Cyber Security my responsibility?
  • How should i communicate and motivate?
  • What are the different security controls I should expect, and what risk do they address?
  • What should I expect to be briefed on and what questions should I ask internally?
  • How can I help?

Olav Østbye
Olav ØstbyePrincipal Cyber Security Manager & Partner

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