Our story

O3 Cyber (O3C) originated as a community project and has since evolved into a specialized provider of security advisory services and expert knowledge within the cloud security domain. As an independent boutique consultancy, we prioritize transparency, grant autonomy with responsibility, and foster collaboration with like-minded professionals.
Our team comprises industry thought leaders who excel and thrive in tackling complex strategic challenges for our clients while enjoying the journey. Our commitment to community-driven knowledge sharing is at the core of our values.

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Our talent

Karim El-Melhaoui
Karim El-MelhaouiPrincipal Security Architect & Partner
Olav Østbye
Olav ØstbyePrincipal Cloud Security Manager & Partner
Håkon Nikolai Stange Sørum
Håkon Nikolai Stange SørumPrincipal Security Architect & Partner
Cody Burkard
Cody BurkardPrincipal Security Architect & Partner
Martin Lien
Martin LienSenior Security Engineer
Thomas Bradly Martin
Thomas Bradly MartinFinance Manager