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We are not your average consultancy company. We are a highly specialized boutique built with talent and quality in mind.


We hire top performers in the industry to deliver exceptional quality.


We were born as part of the community and will strive to give back with a 'community first' mindset as part of our company culture.

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Our earnings are shared generously among employees, we offer market leading compensation and growth opportunities rather than benefiting external owners.


We believe that equal trust for employees and customers yields the best results for everyone.

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A list of our core service offerings. Tailored services can be provided upon request.


We provide Subject Matter Experts with a proven track record.

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We have extensive experience lecturing courses for different target audiences.

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We believe fixed services can benefit both us and customers, where we apply our methodology and research.

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Knowledge sharing

We were born in the community, we love to share. Below you can find some of our published content.

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Azure VM Persistence Using Bastion Shareable Links

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the public preview of Shareable Links in Azure Bastion. We decided to look closely at the potential for feature abuse and opportunities for prevention and detection.

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S03E16 - CISO i 2022 med Stig Torsbakken (Storebrand) og Eirik Thormodsrud (Møller Mobility Group)

Beskrivelse: I sekstende episode av sesong tre snakker vi med Stig Torsbakken (Storebrand) og Eirik Thormodsrud (Møller) om hvordan det er å være CISO i 2022, ulike typer CISOer, hvor CISO rollen bør være plassert i organisasjonen, utfordringer, med mer.  Level: 100 Kilder som nevnes/anbefales:  – https://www.o3c.no/ Medvirkende:  - Olav Østbye, O3 CYBER  - Karim El-Melhaoui, O3 CYBER - Stig Torsbakken, Storebrand - Eirik Thormodsrud, Møller Mobility Group  Følg oss!  – https://www.linkedin.com/company/O3CYBER – https://twitter.com/O3CYBER – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCioc25HRY1lSqXcwloFvIyA  Ris og ros? Gi oss gjerne en tilbakemelding, både positive og forbedringspotensiale. Dette kan du gjøre via kontakt oss på nettsiden vår, O3C.no Forslag til nye episoder? Skulle du ha noen ønsker/forslag til nye episoder så ta gjerne kontakt med oss med oss via nettsiden vår, O3C.no

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ISMS challenges, and how you can solve them

In this article, we'd like to help you understand what an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is, what challenges we usually see with ISMS in organizations, and how you should implement and operationalize an ISMS today.

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Uncovering Cloud Risks

In our previous article, we touched upon risks related to cloud computing, cultural transformation, and compensating controls. This article is written with examples for Microsoft Azure and seeks to educate on what an accurate Cloud Security Assessment should offer to provide value. In reality, most organizations we engage with that have moved to the cloud are operating with risks, often introduced in the early stages before knowledge of the best practice and pitfalls. How can we help organizations identify these risks and provide actionable remediation guidance?

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Building a security team for the Cloud

Whether you have started thinking about transitioning to the cloud, are already on your way or have been ‘there’ for a while, how involved is your security team in the transformation? This article is inspired by the discussions from my session ‘10 lessons learned from 5 years in the cloud’, which focuses on the transformational challenges for security teams when it comes to adopting the cloud and, strategies for succeeding with building your security team for the cloud.

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I denne episoden gir vi dere en god oppdatering på hva som skjer hos oss i sikkerhetsmåneden med "behind the scenes" på ...

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