Open positions

Sourcing top talent is one of the most challenging tasks in this industry. Our doors are always open for the right talent. If you consider joining us at O3 Cyber, this gives you an idea of what we can offer and who we are looking for.

Job postings:
Cloud Security Engineer
Cyber Security Manager

Quality > Quantity

We have no externally driven growth ambition or want to bid for the largest contracts. We are a boutique provider within cyber security through hiring talented and reputable professionals where we can foster a culture of learning and innovation.

What characterises us is that we are a boutique consultancy with high talent density. We will never compromise on quality for growth ambitions.

We are owned by key employees, we do not report or pay dividend to external shareholders or investors looking to maximize profits.


We require no formal education or certifications, but we do expect that you are:

  • Highly passionate about cyber security
  • Obsessed with continuously improving your skills and wants to contribute to a feedback culture
  • Considered a top performer in your current role
  • Willing to actively contribute to the community through conducting research and knowledge sharing
  • Able to understand what creates business value you for our customers
  • Remain positive while challenging status quo and raising the bar
  • A team player

Freedom, transparency and empowering

  • We offer full transparency – salaries, bonuses, billable hours, earnings, strategy and recruitments is visible to everyone.
  • Ability to spend time on a developing a new service you believe creates customer value, contribute to recruiting top talent and other activities that help you grow.
  • You decide on customer and project, this is essential for you to stay motivated and continue to grow. Happy, skilled and motivated consultant is what makes customers satisfied.
  • How the company should operate, what we should do, and what we should use our money on is decided by the employees in common, not in a closed meeting and then presented in a boring powerpoint. We value having a flat structure.
  • We offer all of our employees unlimited holiday – we expect you to go offline for at least 5 weeks per year. You don’t apply for vacation, you independently manage your work day and clients while keeping the team informed.
  • Where you work from is decided by the customer and projects you take on, most customers have adapted to hybrid work. We will help you find a customer that fits your preferences, whether that is working on site or remote.

Benefits, compensation and social

Our earnings are shared generously amongst employees. We believe we offer one of the most competitive compensation packages on the market. If you think someone else can provide you a better offer, then please tell us so we can adapt.

We believe in having fun at a work. We currently dream of having a company cabin that employees can share for work or to spend time with friends and family. We believe that company trips are important for building culture, why not spend the week somewhere warm during the winter with the team. We also cover expenses for conferences, courses and certifications that are valuable for us.

Fixed Salary

We provide you with a generous base salary.


Individual performance must be compensated.

We provide you a market leading bonus on top of your base salary.

Profit Sharing

You should care about the big picture

We believe this incentives team performance and building a culture.

Expected salary (per year in NOK)

Expected total

As a Consultant you can expect to earn between 900 000 and 1 200 000 NOK per year. Our consultants usually work as part of a team delivery led by a senior or a principal.

Senior Consultant
As a Senior Consultant you can expect to earn between 1 100 000 and 1 500 000 NOK per year. Our Senior Consultants are knowledgeable, independent and drive customer engagements.

Principal Consultant
As a Principal Consultant you can expect to earn between 1 400 000 and 1 800 000 NOK per year. Our Principal consultants are recognized externally as a thought leader.

Recruitment and selection

We hire individuals across all seniority levels where we see a high potential with an ambition to excel or someone already established as a thought leader. We think focusing solely on rapid growth takes the fun away. Our goal is to remain a highly specialized boutique company. We will always choose quality over growth ambitions.

Our selection process

Come by our office or lets meet for a lunch. Learn about us so you can find out if we are the right place for you

A talk where you present to us what your desired role entails and how you thrive at work

Case interview, tests and/or technical presentation to demonstrate your abilities

Culture check where you meet our employees, and our employees meet you