O3 Cyber and Coop Norway: Empowering Security Through Collaboration and Knowledge

O3C's approach to cybersecurity centers on a fundamental belief: they have a genuine interest in the customer's success. Coop Norway discovered this firsthand, recognizing a true partner dedicated to building a comprehensive cloud security approach tailored to Coop's needs and vision.

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A Mission-Critical Transformation
In 2022, Coop Norway embarked on an ambitious plan to transition from on-premises systems to cloud services by 2025. Their goals were clear: increased efficiency, better strategic focus, and the flexibility that modern systems would bring. This monumental shift wasn't without its challenges; their infrastructure was diverse, and the cloud migration entailed further decentralization.

The Need for Expertise and Innovation
Moving everything to the cloud is not trivial. It requires a completely different mindset and way of working," acknowledges Thomas Lopes-Delgado Nilsen, manager of security operations at Coop Norway. In this transformative effort, O3 Cyber (O3C) became Coop's trusted partner. Håkon Nikolai Stange Sørum, Principal Security Architect & Partner at O3C, took a leading role in guiding Coop's Cloud Security Transformation journey. Beyond designing a robust, automated monitoring system, Sørum ensured the implementation of a holistic cloud security approach that addressed architecture, best practices, and upskilling internal security staff.

"By moving to cloud services, we were able to set up the monitoring systems ourselves. We could automate the management of incidents that have practically been time thieves for security analysts," elaborates Sørum. He continues, "A cloud-first mindset empowers teams. To succeed with security,  it's vital to build the right cloud foundation from the start and foster internal knowledge."  These insights underscore the benefits of cloud-native strategies while emphasizing the human element crucial to ongoing security success.

Partnership Built on Values
Shared values form the cornerstone of this partnership. When it came to selecting O3C, Soner Sevin elaborates, "O3C is recognized for its leading expertise in cloud services and security within the industry. However, to be completely honest, it was their philosophy and values that truly made us choose them. They possess a genuine interest in sharing knowledge beyond commercial interests and in ensuring the best outcomes for their clients." Sevin strongly advocates, "Everyone in Norway should do as O3C does," highlighting the exemplary approach O3C takes towards cybersecurity and client relations. This statement underscores the importance of choosing partners not only based on technical expertise but also on shared ethical values and a commitment to mutual success. 

O3C's deep commitment to knowledge sharing was a particular point of alignment.   "O3C views knowledge sharing as a collective effort," Sevin stresses. "When O3C shares so much knowledge, it shows that they are committed to the best possible security, not just making money."  Karim El-Melhaoui,  Principal Security Architect & Partner at O3C, echoes this sentiment, recognizing the need to empower others: "We often see the same mistakes repeated by clients because they lack knowledge about cloud security. This knowledge sharing is a collective effort that all businesses in Norway should focus on."

Security: People, Processes, Technology
O3C helped Coop  strengthen all three pillars of its security infrastructure. Karim El-Melhaoui's mentorship extended beyond  the IT team, helping employees across the organization grasp the potential of the cloud without compromising security. “At Coop, we see information security as a stool with three legs: processes, people, and technology,” adds Sevin.  "When O3C came in, they said, ‘To succeed, we need to involve the people.' This shows quality.”

In Conclusion
The transformative journey of Coop Norway and O3C highlights the future of cybersecurity – proactive, collaborative, and empowered by shared knowledge. This partnership represents a model for how organizations can successfully migrate and thrive in the cloud, demonstrating that a focus on security leads to enhanced resilience for businesses and the communities they serve.

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