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Cloud Application Security Test

Applications that are built upon native cloud functionality have fundamentally different attack surfaces and threats than traditional application architectures. The vulnerabilities that are most likely to be introduced are dependent on an increasing number of complexities, including architectural patterns in use, identity provider integrations, and frameworks used for development.

This increase of complexity poses challenges for developers that don’t have the time, training or experience to identify and prevent nuanced application security vulnerabilities in modern cloud applications.

Our consultants have been performing cloud application security tests since the inception of these new design patterns and services. We can help developers and security teams identify risk in their applications, and better understand the weaknesses in an application to help prevent the introduction of new vulnerabilities.

The assessment covers the following:

  • Identification of application-layer vulnerabilities
  • Identification of exploitable design flaws in a cloud native application architecture
  • Configuration review of the cloud resources and components that the application is built on
  • Visibility into weaknesses into the application, to help focus security efforts

The service delivery typically includes

  • A meeting to learn about the application and gain business context for the test
  • Security testing against an application hosted within a cloud environment
  • A final report that includes findings, reproduction steps and actionable recommendations to remediate each finding

Karim El-Melhaoui
Karim El-MelhaouiPrincipal Security Architect & Partner

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