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Cloud Security Architecture & Engineering

While the public cloud is becoming more prevalent, most security teams are still focused on traditional tasks. Recognizing the critical need for proficiency in cloud security, our consultants seamlessly integrate into established security teams. By actively participating in team functions, they contribute to the development of tailored solutions and services that cater to the specific requirements of organizations transitioning to or operating in the public cloud.

Our service offerings, delivered by seasoned professionals with expertise in cloud security, covers a range of strategic tasks, including:

  • Architecting and engineering security measures during the cloud migration process
  • Tailoring cloud security maturity programs to align with organizational objectives
  • Facilitating the transformation of security teams to effectively operate within a cloud environment
  • Preparing for and responding to cybersecurity incidents specific to the cloud
  • Offering flexible "hands for hire" services in cloud engineering, architecture, and assessments.

With our help, organizations can elevate their cloud security game, ensuring a seamless move to the cloud and giving them the confidence to handle most challenges.

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Karim El-Melhaoui
Karim El-MelhaouiPrincipal Security Architect & Partner

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