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Cloud Security Assessment

Have you moved to the cloud without knowing what risks are in your environment, or are you in the process of moving and want to stay ahead? Cloud is difficult to get right, whether it’s the first time or through years of experience developing and improving a cloud environment. Most compromises in the cloud happen due to misconfiguration and architectural flaws.

Our assessment uncovers risks and deviations from best practices and misconfigurations that may lead to a compromise and identifies guardrails that must exist to reduce the risk of operating a cloud environment.

The assessment covers the following:
  • An overview of your environment and threat model based on an understanding of attack paths for cloud environments
  • Identification of guardrails and critical controls that will reduce or eliminate threats
  • Visibility and potential blind spots for threat detection
  • Architectural flaws and improvements for increased resilience
The service delivery typically includes:
  • Kick-off call to discuss success criteria and cloud design
  • Technical assessment of cloud environment using open-source with O3 Cyber customization, performed by a senior cloud security engineer with at least five years of cloud experience
  • The final tailored report, including a technical and executive presentation of all findings with actionable recommendations, risk-based prioritizations, and a future roadmap for further improvements

If you want to read more about our methodology and a customer testimonial: Uncovering Cloud Risks

Karim El-Melhaoui
Karim El-MelhaouiPrincipal Security Architect & Partner

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