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Cloud Security Manager (Cloud CISO)

A Cloud Security Manager works less hands-on compared to an engineer and architect, but is focused on people, processes, business, and strategy. A Cloud Security Manager has good technical understanding and can join technical discussions, while implementing and maintaining technical solutions is performed by an Architect/Engineer.

For organizations and companies that already have a CISO in place, this service will normally be delivered below the CISO as a Cloud Security Manager. For organizations and companies without a CISO today, this service will normally be delivered as a ‘Cloud CISO for hire’.

Deliveries that could be part of this service

  • Maintaining, implementing and/or advisory on Cloud Security Strategy
  • Advisory and leading the Cloud Security Program
  • Training and awareness of employees, managers, board
  • Managing the day-to-day Cloud Security work/program
  • Writing and updating policies and documentation
  • Answering B2B customers/partners on questions related to Cloud Security
  • Interacting with senior management and the board
  • Risk, vendor, maturity assessments
  • Helping and offloading the CISO
  • Other

Olav Østbye
Olav ØstbyePrincipal Cloud Security Manager & Partner

Contact Olav for questions regarding this service type.