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Cyber Security Strategy

You might have heard that Cyber Security is impossible to get right, or that someone have tried selling you a ‘silver bullet’ product. The truth is that you can spend as much energy and money you want on Cyber Security and there will still be residual risk. Few companies exists to do only Cyber Security, more likely your company is serving customers or its purpose doing something else, such as selling products, providing services or manufacturing. Our strategy start with understanding your business and business strategy, your technology strategy or goals and your risk appetite. Followed by that, we map out your current capability maturity level within Cyber Security. We then start putting the pieces together, forming your Cyber Security Strategy that supports and enables your business strategy.

The service normally includes:
  • Workshop/meetings to understand your business and IT strategy
  • Mapping out your current maturity level looking at technology, processes, and people
  • Gap-analysis against recognized frameworks
  • Presenting our findings so far (high-level)
  • Calculating where we can reduce risk most effectively, usually looking at cost, complexity and man-hours needed
  • Finalizing the Cyber Security Strategy
  • Presenting the current status and suggested plan/roadmap for the business

Olav Østbye
Olav ØstbyePrincipal Cyber Security Manager & Partner

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